District-wide safety procedures

Universal Safety Procedures for COVID-19
Mehlville School District

Bus Transportation
  • The district will promote alternatives to riding the school bus to reduce the number of children on the bus. Other options include walking, riding a bike or being dropped off by a parent or other trusted adult.
  • Students will have assigned seating on the bus. Siblings will sit together on the bus.
  • Buses will be cleaned between each transportation tier.
  • Face coverings will be required pursuant to St. Louis County Department of Public Health guidelines. As of Aug. 24, students age 5 and up will be required to wear face coverings. Drivers will also be required to wear face coverings.

School Food and Nutrition
  • Grab-and-go breakfast will be available at all schools from multiple stations. Students will eat breakfast in their classroom.
  • All food items will be individually wrapped and a la carte options will be limited.
  • Students will be spread out within the cafeteria as much as possible, and students will be seated by grade level where possible.
  • Students will wash or sanitize hands before meals. Cafeteria workers will wash their hands frequently.

School Nurses
  • School nurses will use their health rooms to isolate anyone with COVID symptoms.
  • Medication distribution will happen outside of the health room.
  • School nurses will use mobile nursing stations to visit students with minor health concerns not related to COVID.
  • Teachers will assist with triage when first aid is required to limit students in the health room or students traveling outside of the classroom.

  • HVAC systems at each building will have the amount of outside air intake into the building increased to provide better air circulation.
  • Teachers are encouraged to hold class outside as frequently as possible.
  • Classroom windows may be opened as appropriate.
  • Custodians will clean the following items multiple times throughout the day: door handles, push bars on doors, drinking fountains, cafeteria surfaces, restroom surfaces, stairwell handrails.
  • Teachers and students will clean desktops and table tops throughout the day.
  • Recess aides will spray outside equipment with disinfectant before and after each recess.
  • Night custodians will clean the following items: pencil sharpeners; bathroom surfaces, urinals and toilets, floors and stall dividers; desktops and tabletops; stairwell handrails; door handles and push bars.

Face Coverings

Mehlville School District is following St. Louis county guidelines on face coverings. As of Aug. 24, 2020, masks are required to be worn in schools by adults and students in grades K through 12. See the St. Louis County guidelines on face coverings.

There are a few times during the school day that a student may be allowed to remove their masks:

  • While at recess or in physical education class, as long as students are at least 6 feet apart;
  • While participating in band, choir, or music class, as long as students are at least 6 feet apart;
  • While consuming food or drink as long as students are at least 6 feet apart; and
  • In accordance with DPH’s Youth Sport Guidelines while participating in a school sponsored sport.

Our elementary schools have created schedules that allow for regular mask breaks outside. Students will be asked to provide their own face coverings. Teachers may provide their own face coverings. They will also be provided with face coverings from the district. Teachers will discuss the usefulness of face coverings with students and will teach proper usage.
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